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Thing of Beauty by K.D. West now available as an audiobook!

Thing of Beauty, K.D. West’s steamy tale of sexual initiation, is now available as an audiobook. One of Stillpoint/Eros’ most popular titles, Thing of Beauty has been read by narrator Milo Churchcutt, who narrated our very first audiobook, The Big Easy.

The audiobook is available on Stillpoint/Eros. For a limited time, buy the audiobook, and get the ebook for just a penny more!

Thing of Beauty is also available as an audiobook from Audible and from the Apple iTunes store, and as an ebook from most online ebook retailers, including Amazon’s Kindle StoreBarnes and Noble, and Smashwords

Here’s a sneak peek:

An Open Question (Audiobook/Ebook Trailer)

Ken is hot for Dana, his teacher.

And Dana is more than happy to teach him something important: A thing of beauty is a joy forever. And a beautiful teacher can be the pleasure of a lifetime.

A tale of sexual initiation.

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Juliet Takes Off Now Available — Audiobook and Ebook!

Juliet Takes Off,” the second tale in K.D. West’s series of stories of forbidden student-teacher passion Juliet Takes Chances, is now on sale on Stillpoint/Eros, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Kobo and other booksellers.

In this searing tale of forbidden student-teacher passion, young Allison has it bad for Ken, her teacher: her Romeo.

What if Romeo were more than twice Juliet’s age — and her teacher? Would that have made a difference? Allison tries to find another leading man, but ends up being drawn back to the first person who ever inspired her to real, undeniable desire.

How can this Juliet convince her much-older Romeo to take her innocence? How can she convince him that, girl though she still is, she is ready to become a woman.

For a limited time, by the audiobook (narrated by the delicious Mary Cyn), and get the ebook for just a penny more!

Narrated by Ms. Mary Cyn

Sexual initiation (Audiobook/Ebook Trailer)

And the winner is — !

Thank you to all of the folks who weighed in, both here and on Google+! With your help, we’ve chosen the new cover for K.D. West’s The Big Easy:

The Big Easy by K.D. West
The Big Easy by K.D. West

Keep watching for our next poll — we’ve got another title coming out in the next few weeks, and we’d love your feedback!

Trailer: Juliet Takes Stage, Narrated by Mary Cyn (audioerotica)

Narrated by Mary Cyn (

A steamy introduction to K.D. West’s Juliet Takes Stage, the tale of a young student’s (Allison) assignation with her one-time teacher (Ken).

To hear (or read) the rest, go to:

Steamy Sighs — Listen to Two New KD West Audiobooks

Stillpoint/Eros is pleased to release its first two audiobooks, each drawn from a steamy story by K.D. West, each recorded by a talented, sexy-voiced narrator.

Narrated by Mary Cyn, “Juliet Takes Stage” follows an assignation between a young woman and her former teacher — living out her fantasy of having him take her in his classroom. Together, they explore just what Shakespeare meant by the Little Death.

“The Big Easy,” narrated by Milo Churchcutt, tells the story of a young man who finds love, the cure for loneliness, and cayenne-hot sex in old New Orleans.