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New! Juliet Takes a Chance by K.D. West

Juliet Takes a ChanceStillpoint/Eros brings you Juliet Takes a Chance, the newest entry in K.D. West’s Juliet Takes Flight series by K.D. West.

The story of Allison (the Juliet of the title) and her continuing awakening, “Juliet Takes a Chance” explores what happens when she finds her self taking for the first time a lover other than Ken, her former teacher. And the new lover turns out to be not a man, but an old friend: her BFF Jordan, who has come to visit her at college. Her first lesbian experience opens Allison’s eyes, and shakes her friend to the core.

Can sex and love and friendship coexist? What will this mean to their friendship and their views of themselves? And what does this mean for Allison and her relationship with Ken?

Published as an ebook (and soon an audiobook as well), “Juliet Takes a Chance” is available for just $0.99 on Stillpoint/Eros, as well as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and most other major booksellers. Look for links on the Stillpoint/Eros page.

Thanks for making Truth & Games a best seller!

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 3.59.20 PM

Thank you for making K.D. West’s Truth and Games: A Friendly MMF Ménage Tale one of the best-selling short  stories on Amazon!

Truth and Games, a tale of friendship, romance, and thinking outside the lines, is one of our fastest selling titles yet.

If you’ve read it, let us know what you think! If you haven’t, come check it out at Stillpoint/Eros or at your local Amazon site.

Panic Censorship: Amazon, Kobo & Stillpoint/Eros

Banned on Amazon! Juliet Takes Off by KD WestOver the past few weeks, a series of denouncements online and, more particularly, in a British tabloid that we don’t choose to link to have thrown many of the major online ebook outlets into a panic. Accused of being incapable of detecting and deleting all instances of their “vile trade” in child pornography, rape smut, and plagiarism (all rightly illegal in the UK, the US, and the rest of the world), several major ebook marketplaces have taken a variety of knee-jerk steps to give at least the appearance of doing something. British bookseller WHSmith has ditched its entire ebook store, while Kobo has apparently stopped distributing books uploaded through its Kobo Writing Life program, which served not only self-publishers but small publishing houses such as Stillpoint Digital Press as well., the world’s largest online seller of books (and just about everything else), instituted a series of keyword-based filters to try to catch peddlers of obscene (as opposed to erotic) books. Mostly, Amazon seems to have targeted any book that contained the word “virgin” in the title or description or that featured a defloration — as well as any mention (or apparent mention) of incest, rape, or bestiality. Continue reading Panic Censorship: Amazon, Kobo & Stillpoint/Eros

Banned Book Give-away!

Want to read for yourself Juliet Takes Off, the story that Amazon found too hot to sell? (And if you can tell us what about this story got it banned, could you please let us know?)

Author K.D. West is holding a Banned Book Give-away for a limited time. In exchange for an honest review (on GoodReads, Amazon, Smashwords, Stillpoint/Eros, or wherever you like to post reviews), you can get the first two stories in the Juliet Takes Flight series: “Juliet Takes Off” and “Juliet Takes Stage,” Both are available in either ebook (mobi/Kindle) or audiobook (MP3) form!

You can sign up for your free copies either at GoodReads or at K.D. West’s blog.

Juliet Takes Off Cover… Take 2

You helped us choose a cover for K.D. West’s Juliet Takes Off recently, and we were very pleased with your choice.

Amazon however, apparently didn’t; they felt that the image on the front showed too much… back. They banned the book. Really.

So we’re going to ask for your help again. Here are four covers, all with the same model as before (Mary Cyn, who also narrates the Juliet audiobooks):

So we’d like to ask you to vote again. [socialpoll id=”2171763″]

Thing of Beauty by K.D. West now available as an audiobook!

Thing of Beauty, K.D. West’s steamy tale of sexual initiation, is now available as an audiobook. One of Stillpoint/Eros’ most popular titles, Thing of Beauty has been read by narrator Milo Churchcutt, who narrated our very first audiobook, The Big Easy.

The audiobook is available on Stillpoint/Eros. For a limited time, buy the audiobook, and get the ebook for just a penny more!

Thing of Beauty is also available as an audiobook from Audible and from the Apple iTunes store, and as an ebook from most online ebook retailers, including Amazon’s Kindle StoreBarnes and Noble, and Smashwords

Here’s a sneak peek:

An Open Question (Audiobook/Ebook Trailer)

Ken is hot for Dana, his teacher.

And Dana is more than happy to teach him something important: A thing of beauty is a joy forever. And a beautiful teacher can be the pleasure of a lifetime.

A tale of sexual initiation.

Kindle Store Nook Store Smashwords | Audible Apple logo

Dear Juliet – K.D. West shares a new story — free!

When new writing from an author of ours comes along, we love to share it — especially if it’s free! “Dear Juliet” is a short piece from the Juliet Takes Chances series.

From K.D. West’s Blog:

KD West avatar

So, I’m a teacher, as you may have noticed. And the idea of a high school teacher having a sexual relationship with one of the teen children who happens to be one of his or her students is deeply troubling to me, to say the least.

So how is it that I seem to be in the midst of writing a story cycle/novel that centers around precisely such a relationship?

No idea. I’ll have to get back to you on that.

And by the way, since some of you have asked: I’m not Ken. Really. And there is no Allison. Their story flowed out of another one that I’ve been working on. Just to be clear.

I woke up before 6:00 this morning and that question was burning through my head. I’ve written about Allison’s experience of the onset of their relationship — I’ve experienced having a crush on a teacher (as many of us have), so writing stories like “Thing of Beauty” and “Juliet Takes Off” wasn’t too much of  a leap of the imagination. I could understand Allison and Young!Ken’s feelings pretty well.

But this morning as I grumbled myself awake I found myself wondering: What the hell must it have been like for Old!Ken, having this young girl fall in love with you, while you are clearly feeling very inappropriate things for her? That one was much further afield.

So I sat down and created a letter from Ken to Allison, written between “Juliet Takes Stage” and “Juliet Takes Off” — during Allison’s junior (11th grade) year. Don’t know if I’m going to use it in the finished piece, so I thought I’d share it here. (A word to the wise: this isn’t smut, though there’s a lot of sexual imagery. It’s a teacher on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Angsty, definitely.)

Read Dear Juliet (~1000 words) at KDWestWrites

Juliet Takes Off Now Available — Audiobook and Ebook!

Juliet Takes Off,” the second tale in K.D. West’s series of stories of forbidden student-teacher passion Juliet Takes Chances, is now on sale on Stillpoint/Eros, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Kobo and other booksellers.

In this searing tale of forbidden student-teacher passion, young Allison has it bad for Ken, her teacher: her Romeo.

What if Romeo were more than twice Juliet’s age — and her teacher? Would that have made a difference? Allison tries to find another leading man, but ends up being drawn back to the first person who ever inspired her to real, undeniable desire.

How can this Juliet convince her much-older Romeo to take her innocence? How can she convince him that, girl though she still is, she is ready to become a woman.

For a limited time, by the audiobook (narrated by the delicious Mary Cyn), and get the ebook for just a penny more!

Narrated by Ms. Mary Cyn

Sexual initiation (Audiobook/Ebook Trailer)

Four Erotic Tales by K.D. West — Free for One Day Only!

For one day, Monday, August 26, K.D. West’s steamy compendium, Four Erotic Tales, will be available for free from Amazon’s Kindle Store!

A real steamy read for those of you who like your sex hot and heavy!“–Mistress Ivey’s Erotic eBook Reviews

From K. D. West, four sensual tales of seduction, desire, serendipity… and pleasure:

  • Dana: Thing of Beauty — A thing of beauty is a joy forever. And a beautiful teacher can be the pleasure of a lifetime. A tale of sexual initiation.
  • Bridget: Virgin Knot — For Ken, virginity was something to get rid of. For Bridget, it’s something she’s supposed to hold on to. He wants her. She wants him. What could go wrong? A tale of desire, confusion, and sexual initiation — though not necessarily in that order.
  • Rachel: The Big Easy — In a beautiful city, take one part heartsick man, add one part gorgeous young woman and seven parts cayenne-hot sex. Mix together and you’ve got the gumbo that is… The Big Easy. A tale of sexual serendipity.
  • Veronica: Arise, Fair Sun — A Romeo and his Juliet find that sometimes a nice summer affair is just what the doctor ordered. A tale of sexual tension wonderfully resolved.



Help choose the cover for Juliet Takes Off

Your input on choosing a new cover for “The Big Easy” was incredibly helpful!

We’ve got another choice we’d love you to help us make. This one is for K.D. West’s upcoming tale “Juliet Takes Off.”

[socialpoll id=”13415″]