Visitor's Wedding

Jessie, Kirsten, and Danielle are sisters-in-law, but they couldn’t be more different

Except for the way in which they’re the same

After Danielle and Jessie’s brother Andy marries Lea — and Kirsten’s brother Sean — each woman discovers that her dream of a friendly ménage might actually be within reach.

And that three in a marriage is definitely allowed!

This wild series of sequels to The Visitor Has Company can be read on its own or as part of The Visitor Saga.

The Visitor’s Wedding:

  1. Goddess (MFM interracial ménage)
  2. Handmaiden (FFM, FFF interracial bisexual ménage)
  3. Priestess (MFM ménage, voyeurism, polyamory, hotwife)

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