On the Table: A New Adult Ménage Tale (Over the Top #4)


Sometimes you know exactly where the party’s going. . .
And sometimes you don’t.

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When she threw a party for Danny’s birthday, Suzie thought she knew what she was doing. Her friend Alice shows her how wrong she was.
(New adult erotic romance. Ménage à trois. F/M/F)
Fourth in K.D. West’s Over the Top new adult series of tales of a love that’s just a little twisted:

  1. Over the Top (MFM, MF, first time)
  2. Under the Covers (MF, oral, analingus)
  3. Out of the Bag (MF, pegging, mild bondage)
  4. On the Table (FMF)
  5. Across the Threshold (MF, bondage, submission)
  6. Into the Dark (MF, FMF)



Sometimes you know exactly where the party’s going. . .
And sometimes you don’t.

When she threw a party for Danny’s birthday, Suzie thought she knew what she was doing. Her friend Alice shows her how wrong she was.

Fourth in K.D. West’s Over the Top series of tales of a love that’s just a little twisted:

  1. Over the Top (MFM, MF, first time): A tale of desire, frustration, romance, and and a friendly helping… mouth.
  2. Under the Covers (MF, oral, analingus): Sometimes, it’s better to receive than to give.
  3. Out of the Bag (MF, pegging, mild bondage): If you’re going to go into your girlfriend’s things, you’d better be ready for what comes out.
  4. On the Table (FMF): Sometimes you know exactly where the party’s going… and sometimes you don’t.
  5. Across the Threshold (MF, bondage, submission): Here comes the bride….
  6. Into the Dark (MF, FMF): Suzie and Danny think they know what’s coming… but Alice has a surprise for them.

(Ménage à trois. F/M/F)

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ebook (ePub 2), ebook (mobi/Kindle), ebook bundle


K. D. West


Short Story (2,000–10,000 words)


Suzie still can’t quite wrap her mind around it.

Not that Alice burst out of a cake wearing nothing but an outfit of linked wine corks. No — Suzie spent weeks helping her put the crazy thing together so that it would be titillating without being obscene as her friend stood there, undulating unselfconsciously while singing a breathy rendition of “Happy Birthday,” chocolate frosting smeared across her alabaster skin. Not the reaction of the birthday boy — Danny was rendered properly speechless — nor the reactions of their friends: Luz aghast and Jamie red-faced, Carter laughing wildly, Heather Snow trying to keep scowling though her lips kept twitching up, Chris snapping pictures like crazy, and — most interestingly — wild-boy Bennet hiding his face in Sarah’s neck while conservative Sarah stared up at the cork-and-frosting-covered Alice, her mouth wide open.

No, all of this was just what Suzie had hoped would happen. The party teetered on more and more giddily over the last couple of hours, as everyone — even Luz and Jamie, who showed up in a sleep-deprived haze — had a wonderful, whiskey-fueled blow-out like they hadn’t had in years. Alice blithely kept her wildly risqué yet remarkably unrevealing costume on, serving as a constant source of diversion, and all the girls took turns dancing atop the dining room table with an increasingly sweaty, increasingly shadow-free Danny, until at last Jamie couldn’t take it any more, leapt up and lead Danny in a spirited polka that nearly collapsed the table. Danny hadn’t even complained that Jamie insisted on leading.

No, he won’t forget this combined birthday party and stag bash any time soon.

But it’s what happened after. That is what is keeping Suzie’s eyes wide — though the snoring isn’t helping.

As the party wound down — as people began to stumble off — Suzie snagged her lover for herself, dancing slowly (on the floor) to one of those warbly old swing tunes that her mom used to love. She felt his breath against her cheek, all but smelt the desire radiating from him, and it took the little bit of restraint that no one ever believes Suzie actually has not to rip his clothes off and jump him even as the stragglers said their goodbyes.

Bennet and Sarah finally tottered to the door, smirking at her and Danny in so lascivious a manner as to make it very clear that they knew just what she and Danny would do right there in the entry hall as soon as the door slammed shut behind them.

“’Night, Bennet. ’Night, Sarah,” Danny mumbled even as his fingers traced the most amazing patterns down the back of her dress, across her ass.

“Ga’night, luggy berfday boy, you!” Bennet slurred as Sarah tugged her boyfriend out of the door and giggled. She’d been giggling at Suzie kissing Danny for years — let her giggle all she wanted. As long as she did it somewhere else.

The door finally thudded shut behind them, and Suzie gave a shudder as Danny’s other hand, holding his fresh scotch on the rocks, slid down and joined the first and he pulled her up and against him, her feet leaving the ground. She threw her legs around his waist. Fuck cleaning up.

“Happy birthday, sweetie,” Suzie moaned into his neck. “You going to unwrap your last present… mmmmm…. right here?”

“Don’t think I can stand to make it back to the bedroom,” grunted Danny around nibbles on the top of her ear. “Over the back of the — ” He hissed as she bit his neck and ground her crotch against him. “ — of the couch, yeah.” He walked her over towards the sitting room, his erection stiffening as she bounced against it.

When they’d reached the couch, she slid down and stepped back, reveling in the sight of Danny’s utter arousal. He put down his drink and grinned at her wolfishly as she walked around the back of the settee, swaying her hipless hips at him and slowly lifting the hem of her dress over her butt.

He was stalking her, his hands on his fly, when another thud announced the departure of one last party-goer from the bathroom. Danny looked as if he had just been kicked in the crotch; Suzie didn’t blame him — she wanted him inside of her now. Whichever of their stupid friends managed to miss all of the not-so-subtle signals that she and Danny were sending out, Suzie was sure that a punch in the nose and a quick shove through the door wouldn’t do too much damage.

“Hullo, Danny. Hello, Suzie,” Alice said as she glided into the room. She was still dressed in her cork negligee. Negligent. That was just the word for Alice.

“Uh, everyone’s gone,” Suzie managed to say, forcing her fingers to release the hem of her dress so that it once again covered her butt, which was far from pleased at being shut away so soon.

“Oh,” said Alice. She sidled over to the couch and sat.

Danny pleaded with Suzie wordlessly; he was biting his cheeks so hard that Suzie wouldn’t have been surprised to learn that he had drawn blood.

Suzie looked down at her oldest, best friend and had to stifle the urge to throttle her. “Alice,” she said, pretending to yawn, “we’re headed up to sleep.”

“Really?” Alice said, eyes wider even than normal. “You don’t look at all sleepy, either of you. You look as if you’re about to fuck. Don’t let me stop you. You can go upstairs. Or I can go upstairs. Or I could just stay here, if you wouldn’t mind. I think that would be quite lovely.”

Suzie was about to snap back that Alice could just fucking leave when she glanced at Danny. He was slack-jawed, staring at Alice. At the crotch of Alice. Who was sitting there, taking a sip from Danny’s scotch while her long legs spread wide, bouncing one knee obliviously against the cushions on the back of the couch. Negligent.

Of course, it only occurred to Suzie just then that the one direction into Alice’s outfit that they hadn’t thought it necessary to worry about had been the view from below. And Alice, of course, never wore underwear. Quite an oversight.

And it was at that moment that Suzie had the idea. It was her idea — that is the thing she can’t quite come to grips with. She was the one to make this happen.

She teetered slightly as she leaned down to her friend and kissed her on the lips, which were cool from the ice in Danny’s drink.

When they broke apart after a moment, Alice said, “Well, that was very nice. It’s been a long time since we did that.”

Ignoring the incoherent gibbering from Danny, Suzie asked, “You feeling lonely tonight, A?”

Her friend’s usually smooth brow creased. “Yes, as a matter of fact, Suzie, I am.”

“Then, Alice, sweetie,” Suzie said, astonishing herself, “I don’t think you need to stay down here. Or watch. Join us.” Was it the alcohol that had her heart racing?

Alice gazed at her for fifteen or twenty seconds before saying, “That sounds quite lovely. But I don’t know that Danny would necessarily agree.”

Suzie looked at her lover, his face a battlefield of lust and shock. Danny blinked twice and mumbled, “Kissed her? You—?”

“You know we did, Danny,” Suzie muttered. She knew he knew — knew that it had turned that secretly perverted brain of his to goo. “Well, no one else seemed to want to do it, so we took care of it ourselves. Remember that strap-on? I would pretend that she was you and she would pretend that I was Jaime.”

Danny blinked.

“Actually, Danny,” Alice said, knee still bouncing, fingers dancing mindlessly along the insides of her thighs, “she would pretend that I was you. Sometimes I pretended that she was Jaime. And sometimes I pretended that she was you, since she made fucking you sound so lovely. And sometimes I pretended that she was herself. Which was rather more confuffling than it sounds.”

“I bet,” was as much as the poor boy could manage. Suzie sympathized. She had spent a lifetime puzzling out Alice’s statements, and understood her as well as anyone, and even she was thoroughly perplexed as often as not. And that was under normal circumstances. Bringing her pixilated friend into their bed would not constitute normal circumstances.

“Danny,” Suzie said, her hand finding Alice’s cheek, “what do you think of this as your last birthday present?”


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