The Big Easy by K. D. West

Stillpoint/Eros releases “The Big Easy” by K. D. West

“A real steamy read for those of you who like your sex hot and heavy!”–Mistress Ivey

In a beautiful city, take one part heartsick man, add one part gorgeous young woman and seven parts cayenne-hot sex.

Mix together and you’ve got the gumbo that is… The Big Easy.

A tale of sexual serendipity.

4500 words ª Includes a sneak preview of A Joy Forever

Part of the Sexual Healing series:

  1. Thing of Beauty
  2. Bridget: Virgin Knot
  3. Cindy (Coming Soon!)
  4. The Big Easy
  5. Veronica
  6. Meredith (Coming Soon!)
  7. Alison (Coming Soon!)

Also coming soon, K. D. West’s full-length erotic novel, A Joy Forever: An Erotic Education

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