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The VIsitor Entertains cover - Stillpoint/ErosThe Visitor Entertains, the fifth installment in KD West’s best-selling MMF ménage à trois erotic romance series, is now available for pre-order on Apple’s iBooks Store, Barnes & Nobles’s Nook Store, and Smashwords, as well as Stillpoint/Eros. To be released on Friday, November 28, 2014, The Visitor Entertains follows the continuing three-way adventures of lucky Lea and her two firefighters, Andy and Sean as they explore the ways in which literally embracing the unknown can lead in the most unexpected directions.

Andy and Sean are going to join their lover Lea at the theater where she works — but are they going to watch a show, or are they going to be the show?

This trio is taking things to the next level in every sense, and Lea thinks that’s wonderful… But what about the neighbors? And her co-workers? And — gulp — what about Sean’s mom?

She and her boys are finding that as complex as their relationship is, that’s nothing to trying to explain it to the outside world.

(FMM ménage à trois, threesome erotic romance, bisexuality, anal sex, pegging, adult readers 18+ only!)

The Visitor Entertains is the fifth story in K.D. West’s The Visitor Saga, tales of friendship, lust… and firemen:

  1. The Visitor*
  2. The Visitor Comes Home*
  3. The Visitor Comes Again*
  4. The Visitor Goes to Work*
  5. The Visitor Entertains (pre-order now!)
  6. The Visitor Takes a Trip (coming soon!)
  7. The Visitor Has Company (coming soon!)

About this series, wrote, “The Visitor series of stories… blow the lid off of a 5 rating!”

The Visitor Entertains is currently available from Stillpoint/Eros for $2.99; order before the story’s release and get $1.00 off — and we won’t charge your credit card until the story comes out!

K.D. West is an Amazon best-selling author of contemporary short fiction, a teacher, and a performer living in a small suburb of a big city in the American West: “Not a huge amount to say — I’m an author of steamy stories who happens to be a teacher; these things don’t mix well in public, so I tend to be fairly quiet about real life in my blogging. I am, however, interested in all sorts of things — books, writing, theater, mythology, and, obviously, erotica! I’m a huge reader of genre fiction — mostly mysteries and fantasy, but also science fiction and historical romance.”

West is working on two intertwined series involving a young woman and her older lover (the Juliet Takes Flight and Erotic Tales: Letters to Allison stories), a series of stories about friends discovering that they can become much more (Friendly Ménage Tales), and a series of stories that the Brothers Grimm might have collected, if there had been traditional tales where the heroine got the princess (Sapphic Fairytales). Also on the way: By the Numbers, an erotic paranormal/urban fantasy novel involving a long-lost friend coming all but literally back from the dead, and showing a happily married couple just what they’d been missing.

For more information, follow K.D. West’s blog:

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