W00T! I’m Censored AGAIN!

W00T! I’m Censored AGAIN!

So a week after letting Juliet Takes Off back onto their playground — after we removed the shocking word “sex” from the subtitle and replaced the cover image with a picture of a fully dressed young woman — Amazon has once again informed us that they are shocked — shocked! — to find that my erotic romance is too shocking to sell. WTF?

Not sure what to do here. The Audible audio recording is still up. It’s still up on B&N, Kobo, Smashwords, and of course Stillpoint/Digital.

Oh, and I’ve got a free-for-a-review give-away going on at GoodReads — in exchange for an honest review (there, or wherever you post such things) I’ll send you a copy of the ebook (Kindle or ePub) or audiobook of “Juliet Takes Off” and its companion piece, “Juliet Takes Stage.”

You can also sign up here:

So there you are! For a limited time YOU can see  — for free — the book that Amazon was so scandalized by! (And if you can figure it out, please, tell me! I’d love to know.)

3 thoughts on “W00T! I’m Censored AGAIN!

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