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Steamy Sighs! By the Numbers audiobook available

Audible announced the release of the audiobook edition of By the Numbers: A Contemporary Fantasy Menage. K.D. West’s contemporary fantasy erotica novel is available on Stillpoint/Eros, on Amazon, on iTunes, and Audible.

By the Numbers AudiobookBy the Numbers follows Jen and Jack Phalen. The happily married pair’s life is magical in more ways than one. When they were young, Jack and Jen fought and won a war, and came out heroes. Then they got married, got jobs, raised kids, and lived, for the most part, happily ever after. But Jen’s childhood best friend disappeared nearly 20 years ago, and Jen’s beginning to give up hope. A game of very adult let’s-pretend leads to a discovery that is very magical indeed, but that could destroy Jen’s life.  Or could lift it to a whole new plane. What happens when rediscovering your youth leads to discovering something altogether new about yourself?

The erotic romance is for adults only.

Produced by Stillpoint/Eros, the audiobook was read by award-winning narrator Didi Knotts.

By the Numbers audiobook preview:

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Preview: Goddess, New Menage Tale (MMF threesome)

Goddess: The Visitor's Wedding (MMF threesome)A sneak peek at K.D. West’s newest Friendly Menage Tale, Goddess: The Visitor’s Wedding!

A bridesmaid sometimes gets what she wants

And a goddess always gets what she needs!

When her brother Andy married his girlfriend Lea — and their boyfriend Sean — Jessie feels sorry for herself. Here she was, alone, unloved.

But when two gorgeous firemen friends of her brother decide to show Jessie a very, very good time, well, who is she to say no?

And when they make her feel like nothing less than a goddess — well, who is she not to say yes?

The first in a series of sequels to The Visitor Has Company, this short story can be read on its own or as part of The Visitor Saga. (MFM interracial threesome — no bisexuality)

Natural Woman — Sneak Preview from The Visitor’s Wedding:


A Friendly Menage Tale (MMF threesome)

Jessie waved at Andy and her new sister-in-law as they rode away in the flower-decked cart, and she found herself trying not to think about the men at her elbows. Jessie hadn’t ever been exactly overburdened when it came to male companionship. Booger barely counted, and they’d been divorced for over a year — all but for forever before that — and besides him…

Beside her, two men — men — in dress uniforms stepped forward, each taking a hand.

Jessie’s middle flipped, then flipped again. Continue reading Preview: Goddess, New Menage Tale (MMF threesome)

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By the Numbers by K.D. West

By the Numbers

by K.D. West

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Sneak preview: Imaginary (By the Numbers, MF fantasy)

What’s more magical than a friendly menage?

Here’s a steamy peek at K.D. West’s new novel-length contemporary fantasy erotic romance By the Numbers!

In this sexy first chapter, a happily married couple remember a friend they think they’ve lost.

They remember her… very, very fondly.

(Contemporary fantasy — M/F, mild bondage, fantasy play. Coming chapters include F/F/M menage, first-time, bisexuality)

By the Numbers — Imaginary

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Giveaway: Wilder West!

We are giving away a copy of K.D. West’s second omnibus collection, Wilder West on Goodreads! Enter now!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Wilder West by K.D. West

Wilder West

by K.D. West

Giveaway ends July 17, 2015.

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Remember the name K.D. West, because after reading the marvelous erotic stories in this bundle, you’ll be looking for more from this very talented writer! — Amazon Reviewer

A young woman flying to her new home city is met by both of her boyfriends… and they couldn’t be more pleased. A happily married couple discover that sometimes a touch of fantasy can make you even happier. A student convinces her former teacher and her best friend to give her a birthday present that none of them will ever forget.

Breathtakingly funny, heartrendingly human, and always as steamy as Louisiana hot sauce, K.D. West’s stories explore the whole gamut of human love and sexuality.

This collection, the follow-up to Wild West, includes fourteen tales: Continue reading Giveaway: Wilder West!

Hot New Titles

The Visitor Comes for the Holidays (Interracial reverse harem)

Be careful what you wish for

And ready when it comes!

Gina’s happy to be joining her brother’s new extended family for the holidays. There’s snow, and laughter, and even a bunch of sweet kids that the older folks pay Gina to mind a couple of hours a day. A college girl can use every dime she can get her hands on!

The problem is what the others are doing while she’s babysitting.

Because the family Gina’s brother Mario married into — it’s the wildly polyamorous clan from The Visitor Saga! It’s no fun being the only person in a huge vacation house spending her nights not just alone, but with fewer than three people in her bed.

Of course, Lea, Sean, Andy and the rest don’t want to leave poor Gina out. They decide to give her a holiday present she’ll never forget.

This is the first story in The Visitor Revisited, a series of stories about a young woman reimagining love — and discovering all of the unexpected places that it can lead.

(21,000 words. Interracial polyamorous MMMF erotic romance — BWWMWMBM reverse harem. Implied MFF, MFM, and FFF. Bisexuality. Adult readers only.) Continue reading The Visitor Comes for the Holidays (Interracial reverse harem)

The Visitor’s Wedding (MMF and FFM polyamory romance)

Jessie, Kirsten, and Danielle are sisters-in-law, but they couldn’t be more different

Except for the way in which they’re the same

After Danielle and Jessie’s brother Andy marries Lea — and Kirsten’s brother Sean — each woman discovers that her dream of a friendly ménage might actually be within reach.

And that three in a marriage is definitely allowed!

This wild series of sequels to The Visitor Has Company can be read on its own or as part of The Visitor Saga.

The Visitor’s Wedding:

Continue reading The Visitor’s Wedding (MMF and FFM polyamory romance)

Priestess: The Visitor’s Wedding (MFM polyamory/voyeurism)

It’s always the quiet ones

Danielle and Robby’s love-life is anything but conventional — and they’re looking for someone to join them

Danielle may not be in a threeway marriage like her brother Andy or their sister Jessie.

But Danielle and her husband Robby’s marriage has never been as conventional as it may have looked.

And now, on the night of Jessie’s wedding, Danielle and Robby have a chance to live out their oldest fantasy. For as long as they’ve been together, Robby has wanted to watch his wife with another man. And she has longed to give him that.

The wild conclusion to The Visitor’s Wedding, a series of sequels to The Visitor Has Company, this short story can be read on its own or as part of The Visitor Saga.

(MFM ménage. polyamory, voyeurism, hotwife. Adult readers only.)

The Visitor’s Wedding:

Continue reading Priestess: The Visitor’s Wedding (MFM polyamory/voyeurism)

Four for Three: Friendly FFM Ménage Tales

Four for Three:
Four tales of three friends — two women and a man — discovering that three truly is the magic number

K.D. West, Amazon bestselling author of contemporary menage/polyamory romance, brings you four steamy stories where friendship turns to something much, much more:

  1. The Visitor Has Company — When Sean’s sister Kirsten shows up on their doorstep, his fiancés Lea and Andy are more than happy to entertain her (F/F/M, M/M/F, wedding orgy, hurt/comfort)
  2. Handmaiden — After Lea, Sean, and Andy’s wedding, Kirsten finds a couple who are happy to let her serve them (Interracial F/F/M, D/s, F/F/F, pegging, implied M/M/M)
  3. On the Table — Sometimes you think you know where the party is going. Alice shows Suzie and Danny that sometimes you don’t (F/F/M, ice play, mild BDSM)
  4. Juliet Takes Charge — Alison asks her BFF (and girlfriend) Jordan and her boyfriend (and former teacher) Ken to give her the birthday present she’s dreamed of: themselves (F/F/M, F/F, M/F, strap-on)

(55,000 words. MFF bisexual menages à trois; MFM, FFF, and implied MMM threesomes; FF; MF; interracial. Adult readers only.)

Continue reading Four for Three: Friendly FFM Ménage Tales

Handmaiden: The Visitor’s Wedding (FFM bisexual interracial)

To serve is to love

But can Kirsten serve a master and a mistress?

Kirsten loved her best friend Lea’s wedding to Kirsten’s brother Sean — and their lover Andy. But she is discovering that her lingering love for Lea may have been stronger than she realized.

Kirsten loves men. Kirsten loves women. But Kirsten is very much without either at the moment.

When the best man, Prior, and his beautiful bride Cherry invite Kirsten to help send Sean, Andy, and Lea off on their honeymoon celebration, Kirsten agrees happily.

And when the gorgeous black couple ask if Kirsten wants to spend the night as their handmaiden…

Well, how is Kirsten going to say no to that?

The second in a series of sequels to The Visitor Has Company, this short story can be read on its own or as part of The Visitor Saga.

(FFM bisexual interracial ménage. FFF and implied MMM. Adult readers only.)


Kirsten shivered, gazing at the gorgeous couple who were standing inches from her.

Cherry pressed up against Prior, pulling off her husband’s jacket and letting it drop to the ground. “You gonna let those bridegrooms come in your mouth so they can make their bride scream all night, Prior-honey?”

He popped the studs on the front of his tux shirt. “Uh-huh. You gonna make the bride cream all over your tongue so she’s nice and wet for them, Cherry-baby?”

Cherry purred, tearing off his shirt and letting it drop on top of the jacket. “You gonna stop me?”

“F___ no,” he growled.

Then they both turned to Kirsten, their dark eyes piercing her. Cherry reached out a mocha hand and took Kirsten’s sweaty, pale one. “You gonna let us f__ you till you scream, Kirsten, baby?”

Fighting down a giggle, Kirsten gave a quick curtsy and gasped, “As it pleases my lady.”

Cherry’s cheeks darkened, washing out her freckles. “Damn. A handmaiden. I like the sound of that.”

Prior hugged his wife from behind, pushing up Cherry’s breasts so that the wide, dark areolas peeked above her black dress’s plunging neckline. “I think both of y’all are gonna need to play handmaids for Miss Lea.” He slipped his fingers into the dress and tweaked one nipple, so that both of them pushed like pinkies through the silk and Cherry hissed. “If y’all are really gonna get her good and wet…”

Cherry gasped, and then growled, “So long as you remember who’s the mistress here.”

Prior bit his wife’s ear. “Yes, my lady.” He winked at Kirsten and then bowed out of their way.

Cherry laughed, and Kirsten found herself giggling along.