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Back in the Saddle — Let It Show preview

Back in the Saddle

Let It Show (Let It Be #3)Let It Show cover
by K.D. West

By the time they made it back up to their office, Helen was crying, and wasn’t sure why in the name of al-Khwarizmi that might be.

“You okay?” asked Tommy, stroking her hair.

Yes!” Helen turned and began to snivel into his chest.

He stroked her back. “I… I shouldn’t have… outed you — us — like that. Sorry.”

“S-s-s’okay!” she howled, and wept on.

They stood there for a moment, her wailing, him trying to comfort her. Eventually, he sat in the big captain’s chair that Al had bought him a few Christmases back, and she curled in his lap. He rocked her there, kissing the top of her head, his arms wrapped tight around her.

Abandoning her body to crying, Helen tried to attack the question of what had upset her with logic — her tool of choice. Was she embarrassed that Tommy had shown their coworkers her ring? Was she embarrassed that she was married to not one but two men who, before the break, she had assumed were gay? Was she upset to admit that her former fiancé was a lying, cheating scumbag?

Unfortunately, logic had nothing to do with the matter. Feelings flooded through her, scintillescent, coruscating, opaque. Grief, shame, joy, pride…

Love. She loved Tommy. She loved Al. She loved what they had all found together. The seventeen days since they spent the night trapped in the back of Poppy, Al’s California-gold SUV, had given her proof after proof that they loved her. The commitment she had found with them felt far more solid and substantial than the one she had attempted to construct over five years with Ben.


Love is not all sunlight and butterflies. It is also a terrifying leap into the inky, lightning-filled abyss.

But at least it is a leap with someone.


As her breath began to settle, Helen found that she had turned — that she was kissing Tommy, her knees pressed to either side of his slim hips.

And he was kissing her back, his breath hot, his long fingers pulling at her back, her ass, pulling her close. Closer than close.

Her breath came in gouts, but the passion heating them now was pure lust. Helen’s fingers pressed down between them, pulling up his shirt, unbuttoning his jeans.

Tommy growled, yanking her skirt up over her butt. “Weird — Al —”

“—will under— AHHH!”

Which of them had pulled her panties to the side she wasn’t sure, and whether he had thrust himself into her or she had pressed herself onto him she had no idea, but she was absolutely sure that, weird or not, Al or not, in their tiny, windowless office or not, having him inside of her felt good.

There was logic for you.

Gavin, one of her college boyfriends, had liked to make Helen do Euclidean proofs out loud while he ate her, just to watch her try to keep thinking straight while pleasure overwhelmed her.

Not that he’d have known the difference if she’d gotten them wrong — he was a French major — but it really pissed her off not being able to get them perfect.

This was perfect. Solids. Mass. Lines. Vectors of force.


She came, panting.

Her legs were now over the arms of the chair, and Tommy was pounding up into her, a fierce look of determination on his face that made her come again — a small one — and then he bellowed, arching and lifting her up, and there was a hot, wet explosion spilling out of her, out of her pussy, but also erupting from her throat: a shout of passion that left Helen full rather than empty, spent but completely alive.

Helen wrapped herself around Tommy.

Now he was the one crying.

“Tommy? You… okay?”

He simply wept into her still-clothed breasts.

She held him, feeling his cock soften, eventually slipping out of her.

After a time, he leaned back, looking up at her. “Hey, Helen.”

“Hey, Tommy.”

His face was still shadowed, but open. He peered up into her eyes. “Do you have any idea how long I’ve wanted to do that with you in here?”

Smiling, she moved his sweaty blond bangs out of his eyes with a finger. “Nope. How long?”

“A long time.”

“Huh.” She knew they had things to discuss, but somehow that admission — that and the mind-scrambling fuck — made her feel too good to ask questions.

His thumbs grazed her singing nipples through blouse and bra. “Mind, when I fantasized it, you were bent over your desk.”

Her smile blossomed. She wriggled against him. “Oh?”

His eyes narrowed. “Uh-huh. Want me to —?”

“Hello!” called Jenny, rapping on the closed door.

Instantaneously, Helen and Tommy were both standing, each pulling at clothes that had seemed to fit just a few minutes before, trying to look like anything other than a newlywed couple who’d just been having a quickie in their office.

“Uh. Come in,” said Tommy, sounding less flustered than he looked.

Helen yanked the front of her blouse down just as Jenny opened the door, smiling blandly. “Hi, guys!”

“H-hi, Jenny.” Helen could feel a tendril of splooge dribbling down her inner thigh.

“Hey. So I just wanted to check in with you, find out how Fiji was.”

“Fabulous,” Helen and Tommy said in stereo.

“I bet. I also wanted to let you know, Helen, that I’m meeting with the heads of the Development teams at 2:30, and I’d like you to be there.”

“Oh. Okay.” Helen fought down an irrational pulse of sorrow at having to separate from Tommy at all.

“Great. Welcome home. Mike and I would love to have you three over to hear all about your trip.” She started to close the door, but turned back. “Oh, and Helen, you might want to pull the back of your skirt out of your undies.” She winked, shutting the door at last.

As the door click shut, Helen peeked over to Tommy, who was biting his cheeks. She couldn’t help it: she started to laugh.

After a moment of shock, Tommy joined her.

Sweet Sammet, what else are you going to do?

Continuing to giggle, she grabbed a wad of tissue from her desk and mopped up the mess wetting the insides of her legs.

Tommy pulled her skirt out of her panties.

“Thanks, Tommy.”

“My pleasure, Majesty.”

“Tommy —?”

“It’s…. It’s okay. I promise.” He kissed her. “It’s just… It’s the first time I’ve made love… without Al in more than a decade. I just…”

She kissed him back. “I know. I understand.” At the door, she turned around. “Thank you.” And then she left, before the lust on his face made her change her mind.

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Sometimes, home is a place you’ve never been before

The wild, satisfying conclusion of K.D. West’s Let It Be!

Helen is coming home — coming back from the amazing, life-changing, unplanned honeymoon in Fiji with her husband Tommy…

…and their husband Al.

Coming back to her real life.

Only it isn’t the life she left. How can she face an office full of coworkers? Worse, how can she face her family?

With Al and Tommy, she’ll just have to find a way.

(FMM LGBT romance, polyamory, dominance/punishment, office sex)

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