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Back in the Saddle — Let It Show preview

Back in the Saddle

Let It Show (Let It Be #3)Let It Show cover
by K.D. West

By the time they made it back up to their office, Helen was crying, and wasn’t sure why in the name of al-Khwarizmi that might be.

“You okay?” asked Tommy, stroking her hair.

Yes!” Helen turned and began to snivel into his chest.

He stroked her back. “I… I shouldn’t have… outed you — us — like that. Sorry.”

“S-s-s’okay!” she howled, and wept on.

They stood there for a moment, her wailing, him trying to comfort her. Eventually, he sat in the big captain’s chair that Al had bought him a few Christmases back, and she curled in his lap. He rocked her there, kissing the top of her head, his arms wrapped tight around her.

Abandoning her body to crying, Helen tried to attack the question of what had upset her with logic — her tool of choice. Was she embarrassed that Tommy had shown their coworkers her ring? Was she embarrassed that she was married to not one but two men who, before the break, she had assumed were gay? Was she upset to admit that her former fiancé was a lying, cheating scumbag?

Unfortunately, logic had nothing to do with the matter. Feelings flooded through her, scintillescent, coruscating, opaque. Grief, shame, joy, pride…

Love. She loved Tommy. She loved Al. She loved what they had all found together. The seventeen days since they spent the night trapped in the back of Poppy, Al’s California-gold SUV, had given her proof after proof that they loved her. The commitment she had found with them felt far more solid and substantial than the one she had attempted to construct over five years with Ben.


Love is not all sunlight and butterflies. It is also a terrifying leap into the inky, lightning-filled abyss.

But at least it is a leap with someone.

Someones. Continue reading Back in the Saddle — Let It Show preview

Lust, Actually — A Making Movies Preview

Lust, Actually — A Making Movies Preview

Making-Movies-coverLauren usually loved the firm’s Christmas bash. The food was good, the drinks were flowing, and her fellow employees cut loose — even the notoriously uptight CEO Jillian.

And the previous two years, once everyone had gotten thoroughly plowed, she’d dragged Ray off, and they’d indulged in a particularly sweaty, particularly spectacular fuck.

The first time, two years before, they’d started making out in the hallway outside the bathrooms, when Glynna, the firm’s controller, had stepped out, rolled her eyes at them and snarked, as always, “Get a fucking room.”

And so, giggling, they had done just that: Continue reading Lust, Actually — A Making Movies Preview

Preview: Namaste (Let It Go)

Let-It-Go-cover-blue-800 Let It Go, the newest friendly menage tale by K.D. West, comes out on Friday, August 2! PRE-ORDER TODAY

Let It Go follows Helen, Tommy, and Al (from Let It Snow), as they reach their gold at the end of the rainbow. Their ride off into the sunset. Their polyamorous honeymoon on an idyllic tropical beach.

Unfortunately, a cloud from Helen’s past threatens to darken their paradise. Will her wonderful new relationship with her best friend Tommy and his husband Al survive the arrival of her former fiancé… and his new wife?

By the way! Book 1, Let It Snow, is on sale for just US$0.99 for a limited time at Stillpoint/Eros or at your favorite ebook retailer! If you haven’t checked it out already, now’s your chance!

Namaste (Let It Go)

Continue reading Preview: Namaste (Let It Go)

Preview: Foxtrot, Tango, Whiskey (from The Visitor Rises)

Like love, like gravity, sex can warp the fabric of time and space

Is four too many — or not enough?

The Visitor Rises: A Friendly Reverse Harem TaleIt’s Gina’s twenty-first birthday, and she’s ready to celebrate with her fabulous boyfriends Jim, Matt, and Sam.

But an unexpected encounter makes Gina rethink many of her assumptions, questioning even the stability of their ménage à quatre.

Follow Gina through a day of surprises, excitement, passion — and proof that, in the end, all you need is love.

(Polyamory, reverse harem — plus, interracial, bisexual FMMM+ romance)

Sneak Preview: Foxtrot, Tango, Whiskey

Continue reading Preview: Foxtrot, Tango, Whiskey (from The Visitor Rises)

Hot New Titles

Let It Be (MMF Polyamory Romance)

Sometimes, darkness gives way to light

Helen was supposed to be heading on her honeymoon — off on a sexy trip to Fiji with her long-time fiancé. Her cheating, sleaze-bag, lying fiancé.

And so she is off on a trip to the mountains with her best friend Tommy and Tommy’s husband Al. Instead of sun and sand, she’s heading off to silence and snow.

Together with Al and Tommy, Helen discovers a path to love and life that seems as inevitable as it is unexpected.

The complete Let It Be friendly ménage romance trilogy!

  1. Let It Snow
  2. Let It Go
  3. Let It Show

Continue reading Let It Be (MMF Polyamory Romance)

Wedding Belles & Bridal Beaux

8 Tales of nuptial naughtiness from K.D. West and Mary Cyn!

Everyone dreams of the perfect wedding — some people get to live them!

Sometimes, the reality blows the dream right out of the water, and the afterparty leaves the reception in the dust.

From Stillpoint/Eros authors Mary Cyn and K.D. West, here are eight tales of couples — and their very best friends — who find that true bliss is about much more than a white dress: Continue reading Wedding Belles & Bridal Beaux

Into the Mystic

Six tales of fantasy and romance to enchant, move, and delight:

    • What do you do after the Final Battle cost you everything? K.D. West’s Changelings follows three lost souls who have won a war and been stripped of everything else — except each other.
    • Whispers traded for bruises, a hope born from sacrifice, and faith in an unknown love. Shannon Meyers’s Better than Fine tells the journey of soulmates connected by a witch’s thread.
    • Real by TheWordsInMyHead asks what’s the difference between truth and imagination? The established authorities deem Elizabeth crazy, but the Watcher assigned to her hospital knows she is the only one among them that can see the truth.
    • LegendDairy’s Sasha Shutland is the story of a woman with a past, like most women have. Hers just happens to involve adventure, magic and mischief.
    • In Arden Wiles’s A Tree of Life, a young girl encounters a Wiccan, and together they learn more about their own pasts, presents, and futures.
    • In deadwoodpecker’s The Witch of the Margins, a charming young mermaid visits a witch in order to lift a curse. But all magic comes with a price, and neither witch nor mermaid expects it to be quite so high.

(Steamy fantasy romance, paranormal, novellas)

Enter Into the Mystic: A world of stories. A world of magic and fairy tales interweaved with the supernatural with a little bit of romance and smut thrown in for good measure. This anthology has everything a fan of the mystic needs, from changelings and fairy magic to witch bonds and soul connections. Characters who help those in need and who use magic spells during the witching hours. There are dryads and mermaids and love triangles and curse breaking — oh my! If you’re looking for short stories about any of the above, then enter into the mystic and find yourself in a world of magicians who weave words like magic. — Breanie, A Second Chance

A fantastic read! Well-written and thought-provoking fantasy to savor and enjoy! A very talented group of writers, indeed. — Velvethope, In Essence: Undivided

My Delicate Ariel

The isle is full of noises, Sounds, and sweet airs that give delight and hurt not.

A ship-wrecked sorcerer and a spirit trapped in a knotty pine. Prospero is determined to be the master on this isle, and Ariel is happy to obey his commands and do her spriting gently, magically — and very pleasantly.

In this erotic prequel to Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Mary Cyn retells the story of Prospero’s arrival on the enchanted island, and his first encounter with his dainty, delicate Ariel.

She stared at me a moment, with the wide eyes of a frightened animal. As I stood, my hand unthinkingly closed around a fallen branch from the tree. It was thick and long enough to reach from the ground to my chest. Startled by my movement, she started to scamper away like an animal but I called out.


She stopped and looked at me, questioning, with a hint of deference in her eyes. Holding the branch in my hand like a staff, I reached down and helped her to her feet.

“I am a sorcerer of no small art.” I proclaimed. “It was I who freed from this oak’s knotty entrails.”

Her eyes lingered on the length of wood as though she recognized it from her captivity. Gingerly, she touched the shard of her former prison, fingers brushed down the length to stop at my hand. When she reached my fingers, her gaze became soft, as one remembering some long forgotten story. She felt the power in my flesh, the magic that still hummed through me.

“You owe me much, sprite,” There was a hint of warning to my voice.

Slowly she nodded and sank to her knees. Her eyes rose to meet mine, open and unguarded. “What would you have me do?” she asked, the inflections of my speech still new to her tongue. The cloak hung slightly open as she knelt, baring a glimpse of her naked flesh. Desire stirred within me, aroused by her strange beauty, her simple pliancy. Her flesh seemed delicate and inviting of use.

Boldness crept into me and I said, “You are mine now.”

(Shakespeare, D/s, master/servant, dominance/submission, power play)

Stillness and ecstasy…

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