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Three for Three: Friendly MMF Ménage Tales

Scorching hot first-time threesome ménage tales — trios of friends suddenly discovering that they can become much more!

Three for Three - Friendly MMF Ménage Tales by KD West

When do friendship, sex, and love intersect? Three of K.D. West’s steamiest, most popular tales, collected for the first time: The Visitor (a best-seller in its own right and first title in a hit series!), Truth & Games, and Over the Top, with a bonus: the first part of the next Letters to Allison story, The Trouble with Triplets!

Right off the bat, let’s be clear: K.D. West is an excellent writer. It’s nice that it’s erotica, but even nicer when the person behind the word processor really knows how to create believable characters and situations, and them gets them off—explosively. — K.C. Cave


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