Friendly Ménage Tales

The Friendly Ménage series is all about what happens when friendship, romance, and sex come together. (And boy, do they come together! There — we made the joke for you.)

Each story contains a threesome+ who find that friendship can lead to much, much more.

Polyamorous triads, Ens, Ems, quads, Reverse Harems and more.

Over thirty tales of love outside of the lines — and more coming soon!
Guide to the content:
  • MMF = Two men and a woman (bisexual contact)
  • MFM = Two men and a woman (no bisexual contact)
  • FFM = Two women and a man (bisexual contact)
  • FMF = Two women and a man (no bisexual contact)
  • MMM = Three men
  • FFF = Three women
  • RH = Reverse harem (One woman and three or more men in a long-term relationship)

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