The Visitor Falls: A Friendly Reverse Harem Tale

Preview: The Visitor Falls (MMMF Interracial Reverse Harem)

A sneak preview of K.D. West’s hot new interracial reverse harem tale, The Visitor Falls! Check out what new polyamorous exploits Gina gets up to in this steamy sequel to The Visitor Celebrates.

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Preview: The Visitor Falls — Flying

As they walked the six blocks from the party to the boys’ apartment, Gina fought to keep breathing. They seemed just as nervous. “So,” she said, “can I tell y’all a story?”

The three nodded. They were back in the positions they’d taken when carrying her off the mountain. Only instead of lifting her up, now Matt and Sam were holding her hands while Jim skipped in front of her, her handbag over his shoulder, and all of them were wearing manic grins that perfectly reflected the panicked exhilaration she felt.

Sam squeezed her hand. “Always love a good story.”

“Well, then.” She took a breath. “Once upon a time there was a girl named Gina Billings.”

“Love the start,” Matt whispered.

“Thanks. Anyway, she broke up with her boyfriend because he thought she should drop out of college and move in with him and clean his socks.”

Jim gave a mock scowl. “Arsehole.”

“Yeah, she thought so too. And so she didn’t miss him. But ten months later, come Christmas, she was still single, and when she joined all of her sort-of in-laws for the holidays, she realized that  she was kinda lonely, and, not to get crude or anything, but she was horny as fuck.”

Sam nodded. “A girl has needs.”

Indeed she does. “What made things worse, you see, was that Gina’s sort-of in-laws did the whole marriage thing… a bit different than most folks.” Aware that they were all looking at her, and that what she was about to explain was a bit weird, Gina gazed out toward the pastel-colored horizon. “See, Gina’s brother Mario and his beloved wife were very happily married, but from the beginning they had welcomed the captain of Mario’s fire company into their marriage bed on a regular basis. The bride Jessie’s younger brother Andy was also a fireman in the company, as was his husband Sean, and they were both married to Lea, whose childhood room Gina is staying in this summer. Jessie and Andy’s older sister Danielle and her husband Robby welcomed a state trooper named Tony into their bed more nights than not. Sean’s sister Kirsten served as the third wheel in the marriage of Andy’s best friend Prior and first girlfriend Cherry. Lea’s parents and Jessie, Andy, and Danielle’s were all four sharing a bedroom. And Sean and Kirsten’s mama, Violet, was shacked up with Lea’s boss Sassy and a sweet old man named Gus. And all these three- and foursomes spent the holidays in a big old house in upstate New York fucking like bonobos, while poor, lonely, horny Gina lay up her bed at the top of the house all by her lonesome.”

“Poor Gina.” Sam squeezed Gina’s hand again, and Matt echoed his gesture. Walking backward, Jim’s serious gaze was locked on Gina’s face.

“So the family decided to give Gina a Christmas present to end all Christmas presents. Lea, Kirsten, and Cherry gave Gina a night with their husbands. And then, the next day, she had the chance to… dally with Kirsten and Lea, and then with Cherry and her husband Prior.”

“Lucky Gina!” Matt laughed, and they all laughed along, even Gina.

“Yeah,” she chuckled. “Lucky me. But it ain’t no happily-ever-after, not yet. Because the moral of the story, gentlemen…” She stopped and looked each of them in the face. “What I learned, see, was that, for me, it wasn’t just the sex — though the sex about blew my mind. But Andy and Sean and Prior, they love each other. I mean, Andy and Sean are married, for fuck’s sake. And for that one night, they made me feel loved. And I guess what I realized was that I wanted sex, yeah, and love, yeah — but that it don’t need to be a one-on-one thing. And it don’t need to center on me. That I kind of want to be part of something bigger. And that about blew my mind again.”

Gina peered at each of them once more. Their expressions were serious and sincere. (Sam also looked more than a bit terrified.) She looked back out toward the sunset. “So I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m up for whatever y’all want out of tonight. Like I told Jim. A night of sipping wine and watching Misty What’shername videos or a three-on-one dog pile or taking turns or whatever y’all want. But I really like y’all, and I’d be happy if maybe y’all would consider…” A shudder passed through Gina. Mouth dry, her speech stumbled to a halt.

“Consider?” whispered Sam.

When Gina remained silent, Matt said, “Would we consider something longer than just tonight?”

Throat fluttering, Gina nodded.

Jim’s dark eyes bored into hers. “The four of us.”

“You don’t have to decide now, and you don’t need to think about anything but tonight, but I just wanted y’all to know I —”

Jim stepped forward and stopped her babble by pressing his lips to hers. It wasn’t any tongue-down-the-throat attack or brace-yourself onslaught, but there was no doubt who was leading the dance at the moment: Jim was in charge, and for all that he wasn’t that much bigger than Gina, she felt herself pulled into the kiss irresistibly.

It was a good, deep, soul-filling kiss.

Matt and Sam continued to hold her hands, but she was lost in the man in front of her. Because that was how these things worked, apparently.

Just at the point where Gina was seriously considering pulling her hands free from Sam and Matt or tearing off Jim’s clothes with her teeth, he stepped back and took her left hand from Sam.

Then, as if it had been choreographed, Sam took Jim’s place, Jim took Sam’s and now it was Sam’s turn to kiss her.

And of course, the kiss was as different as the two men where. Where Jim’s kiss had enveloped her, Sam’s washed over her like a wave. His hands, warm and soft, found her cheeks. Her tongue flowed around his.

One of them moaned, and Gina honestly wasn’t sure which one of them it was.

Then he ebbed away and took her right hand from Matt, who stood before her — for the first time, he seemed tentative. “I haven’t… been with a girl. Since high school.”

“But Jim said you broke up with someone…?”

He raised a copper eyebrow.

Right. Not a girl. “Well, you don’t have to —”

He exploded into her, a hot, emphatic smooch that curled Gina’s toes. Literally. She grasped Sam and Jim’s hands, cool and solid in her own, and they kept her from combusting completely.

Matt stepped back. His green eyes were bright and hungry. “I like girls. Too.”

“Okay,” gasped Gina. “Good.” She flicked her gaze left and right. “You guys? Bi?”

Jim grunted, eyes on Gina, “Maybe. I’ve thought about it.”

Sam looked down. “I… I… I don’t think so. But I’m willing to try anything to be with you.”

“Huh.” Gina’s pussy flowed. Flamed. Lord. “Well. How far are we from your place? Because I’m feeling kinda overdressed right about now.”

Matt grinned and opened the glass door he was standing in front of. “My lady.”

The four of them danced up two flights of stairs to their apartment. Sam and Jim kissed her fingers while Matt sambaed before her, his hips flashing from side to side, and Gina found that she was laughing, though she had spent most of the previous week fantasizing about this very moment.

Matt opened the door and Sam led her in, Jim still holding her trailing hand (and her bag).

“Will you look at that,” sighed Matt, gazing out at a horizon as flame-colored as hzis hair.

“This neighborhood’s called The Sunset District,” said Sam, snuggling up behind her, nuzzling her right ear. “but it seems like it’s always too foggy or cloudy out here ever to see the actual sunset.”

“It wanted to show off for Gina,” growled Jim, and kissed her left ear.

“Pretty,” Gina sighed back. Her hands found Jim’s cheek and Sam’s, but her eyes were on Matt, who had turned back toward her. “I’m more impressed by what I’m looking at right here.”

Grinning, Matt sauntered over to her and pressed his lips to hers, and here she was, just where she wanted to be: beautiful men surrounding her, filling her with heat.

It was funny: that amazing night with Sean, Prior, and Andy, Gina had felt in charge, though she had been dwarfed by her three enormous lovers. Standing there surrounded by the three much more Gina-scaled dancers, she didn’t feel at all in charge of anything. And she didn’t mind one little bit.

Two hands caressed her butt. Four explored her breasts. She had no ideas which hands were whose. She reckoned it didn’t much matter.

Nothing much mattered in that moment.

If you had asked Gina how she most hoped her evening with the three ballet boys started out, it might not have looked like this — her in the middle of the three of them like the filling in a club sandwich — but if the image had occurred to her it might not have made her feel as hot as she in fact felt. Three very different mouths searching her ears, her lips, her neck. Three chests pressed hard against her. Her hands explored with their own agenda, flowing over three round, muscular asses, three increasingly insistent, jean-clad crotches.

She was definitely feeling overdressed just now.

As if they had heard her thought, one hand found the tie at the back of her neck and loosed it, and two more hands encouraged the dress off her shoulders and down over her hips,  allowing it to pool at her feet. Fingers flowed over her lace-bound breasts and butt, teased her aching nipples, but mostly lingered along the bare flesh at the tops of her thighs, her belly, her lower back.

It was easy to forget how overwhelming it was to have three men lavishing all of their attention on you. The human nervous system wasn’t really meant to handle that much input. But Gina sure as hell didn’t mind trying.

She turned so that she was facing Jim and pulled his lips and hips against hers; he groaned and pushed against her. Matt’s mouth flared against Gina’s neck and his hands thrust down the front and back of Gina’s panties between Gina’s crotch and Jim’s and between Gina’s ass and Sam’s insistent hard-on. Sam gasped, his teeth latching onto the back of Gina’s neck and his fingers flowing around her nipples.

Wet. And hot. And buried by three muscular bodies…

Prior, Andy, and Sean had all been big, strong men, men in good shape who used their bodies every day in their work. But these three? They were dancers. Athletes. They may not have been linebackers like Lea’s and Cherry’s husbands, but Gina could feel the laser-defined muscles of their chests, their arms, their thighs pressing her from three sides, and it was exhilarating. Literally breathtaking.

Doing her best to avoid passing out, Gina turned again, now facing Sam, wrapping her arms around his heaving chest and pulling him as tightly against her as she could. He gasped again and started to grind against the back of Matt’s hand, which was cupped over Gina’s pussy, while Jim began thrusting again Matt’s other hand, which had flashed under her panties and was exploring the crack of her ass.

Sneaky Matt.

“So,” Gina murmured into Sam’s lips, “I guess sipping wine and watching dance videos is for later?”

All three boys laughed, as she’d hoped they would.

Then Sam kissed her again, and for a moment, she gave herself over to drowning in them. Someone’s fingers — still Sam’s, she thought — were teasing her nipples gloriously, and Jim’s were tracing the lines of her ribs, the sides of her breasts.

And Matt’s hands, surprisingly big, surprisingly strong, lifted Gina’s pelvis, so that suddenly she was flying, her arms thrown up over Sam’s shoulders, her legs lifted over Jim’s, and her middle supported and tantalized by Matt, whose tongue found her bare belly button.

It should have felt terrifying. She should have screamed. She didn’t.

She trusted them.

Gina had very clear memories of her grandmother, Nona Sofia, who had picked her up from school most days and clapped at the pageants and recitals and made sugar cookies with Gina — but she barely remembered her Grandpa Fred. Her only clear memory of him was his big, wrinkly, dark hands holding her wrist and her ankle and swinging her around and around until she squealed and howled with glee: flying. Maybe three she was, or four. And she had felt completely free of the bonds of gravity and held aloft by someone she trusted completely.

Like now.

Honestly it felt as if she were suspended like spider silk between Sam’s lush lips against her own at one end and Jim’s, which were exploring the lips at the other end through the silk of her panties.

In the middle, like an updraft of flame, Matt’s lips, thin and hot, were exploring her ribs, her breasts through the lace of her cami.

Jim’s nose pushed the panties to the side and his tongue traced the length of her pussy lips, making her writhe, but the three dancers held her up, strong and steady.

Matt’s hands circled her ribs and his teeth closed on her aching nipples.

She may have screamed into Sam’s mouth.

She gave herself over to the pleasure, to the flight. She didn’t have much choice, and wouldn’t have chosen otherwise even if she had.

Junior year of high school, her trig teacher had been talking to them about sine waves — had shown them an old video of a bridge that got caught just right in a wind storm and began to vibrate — you could see the sine waves traveling up and down the length of the bridge, which looked like the Golden Gate’s little sister dancing the hula. Until it shattered and tumbled into the water.

And though she was thrashing rhythmically like the bridge, she didn’t feel like the bridge: she felt like the wind, singing up and down, rippling in waves of…

Waves of…

Jim sucked her clit into his mouth and Matt sucked her nipples into his mouth, and Sam sucked her tongue into his mouth and her whole body howled, pleasure exploding, and it turned out she was the bridge after all.


Hanging limp, aloft, Gina panted, weeping. She felt Matt’s hands leave her heaving ribs. Heard two zippers open. Felt Sam and Jim both shiver.

“Gina,” Matt murmured into her breast, “I can tell that our den mother Sam has condoms in his pocket. Would you like me to put them on our guys?”

“No. IUD.”

“Okay,” Matt said, while Jim grunted and Sam whimpered. “Think, if you take care of these two, you’ll have enough left for me?”

“Aw, fuck, yeah.”

Matt gave a shaky laugh. “Good.”

Gina kissed Sam’s ear and whispered, “Can I suck you, baby?”


She turned her head slightly, resting her cheek on Sam’s shoulder. “Want to fuck, Jim, baby?”

“Please.” He kissed her pussy, sending a shock of pleasure into her. “Do you want us to put you down or —?”

“Y’all think we could try it like this? Me up in the air?”

Sam kissed her neck. “Your wish is our command. Matt? Spot?” he murmured, then gasped.

Matt laughed, sliding out from beneath Gina and standing. “As you wish.” His hands slid around her ribs once again, only this time from above.

Jim carefully slid Gina’s legs off one shoulder and then the other, taking hold of her hips in his surprisingly strong hands. The insides of her thighs skimmed over a t-shirt binding chest muscles that felt carved from stone. He hummed appreciatively. “You have a lovely arse, ae-in.

“Thanks,” purred Gina as her pelvis slid closer to his. She blew in Sam’s ear. “So do all of y’all.”

And then Jim’s cock, stiff and solid, pressed between her pussy lips, and Gina could only moan. Her feet curled up and she arched, her calves pressing against Jim’s back and urging him into her, her chest pressing against Sam’s, even as Sam’s mouth crashed against hers.

He kissed real nice.

Jim fucked real nice.

Gina hadn’t had a living cock inside of her since the holidays, and it was easy to forget what a wonderful feeling that could be. Especially one as rock hard as Jim’s.

Matt’s fingers sizzled up Gina’s ribs and his lips burned the back of her neck. “I’m going to let go now,” he whispered, and did.

Jim’s hands clamped unyielding onto her hips. Each time he thrust into her, a tremor of pleasure rippled up through her, reflecting off of the nipples that were bouncing against Sam’s chest and up Gina’s throat, where it issued out in a wavering moan. Sam moaned back, but Jim was silent.

Hot, dry hands peeled Gina’s hands from where they were clutching Sam’s back. Matt pulled her arms out straight, clasping above her elbows. Instinctively, she clasped his biceps, and he lowered her until her face was level with the erection that was bursting from Sam’s jeans.

“Yum.” Grinning, Gina opened her mouth and let Jim’s thrusts and Matt’s pull slide her lips over the glorious hard-on before her.

Sam hissed and swore.

Matt laughed. “Language, Samir!”

“Fuck you… Matthew… Harvey… HNHG!”

Gina had lowered her feet, allowing her to slide so far onto Sam’s  juicy cock that her nose pressed up against the button of his jeans. As he pushed into her mouth, sliding her back onto Jim, she tilted her head back and winked at Sam, who was gawking down at her.

Quickly they found a rhythm: Jim slamming into her from one end, bouncing her onto Sam, who thrust her back onto Jim — with Matt maintaining the proper tension. She felt less as if she were flying now, and more as if she were one of those games with the row of suspended metal balls, where when you dropped the ball against one side, the ball on the other bounced up, then crashed back down, popping the first ball back up — and over, and over, and over….

Gina was being gloriously fucked from both ends.

And this promised to be just the warm-up.

Sometimes your dream falls at your feet

And sometimes you’re the one who tumbles

The Visitor Falls: A Friendly Reverse Harem TaleDuring the holidays, Gina got everything she could have dreamed of and more: a night of off-the-hook passion with two gorgeous firemen and their equally hunky best friend. It opened her eyes in more ways than one.

Since then, however, everything in the college student’s life has paled in comparison, and she’s begun to despair of ever feeling quite so alive — of ever finding the kind of polyamorous happily-ever-after enjoyed by her in-laws (the menage-happy crowd from The Visitor Comes for Good and The Visitor’s Wedding). When she takes a tumble down a mountain-side and twists her ankle, it seems like a perfect metaphor for her unsatisfying life.

But then she discovers that she’s fallen at the feet of three gorgeous ballet dancers who carry her down the mountain like a queen, and she thinks perhaps things are looking up!

A girl can’t help but hope

This novella is the second installment in The Visitor’s Apprentice, a wild, reverse-harem follow-up to The Visitor Saga and The Visitor’s Wedding:

  1. The Visitor Celebrates
  2. The Visitor Falls (order now!)
  3. The Visitor Stands Tall (coming soon!)
(20,0000 words; Interracial reverse harem, MMMF, BWWM, BWAM; scenes of group, bisexual and bi-curious sexuality. Adult readers only.)


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