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Join us for a double-header of threesome fun!

Never a Bride by Mary Cyn | Stillpoint/ErosThe Visitor and Other Threesomes by KD WestCome to the release day fiesta for two books packed with ménage à trois madness: KD West’s The Visitor & Other Threesomes and Mary Cyn’s Never a Bride. Enter our huge giveaway, including ebooks, audiobooks, and even good, old-fashioned ink-on-paper books!

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Four Erotic Tales by K.D. West – Now Available in Print and Ebook

The first collection of K.D. West’s steamy stories, Four Erotic Tales, is now available as both an ebook and as Stillpoint/Eros’ first print edition.

The ebook is available exclusively through Amazon.com.

The print edition is available at Stillpoint/Eros’ new print store.

“A real steamy read for those of you who like your sex hot and heavy!”

        –Mistress Ivey’s Erotic eBook Reviews

From K. D. West, four sensual tales of seduction, desire, serendipity… and pleasure:

    1. Dana: Thing of Beauty — A thing of beauty is a joy forever. And a beautiful teacher can be the pleasure of a lifetime. A tale of sexual initiation.
    2. Bridget: Virgin Knot — For Ken, virginity was something to get rid of. For Bridget, it’s something she’s supposed to hold on to. He wants her. She wants him. What could go wrong? A tale of desire, confusion, and sexual initiation — though not necessarily in that order.
    3. Rachel: The Big Easy — In a beautiful city, take one part heartsick man, add one part gorgeous young woman and seven parts cayenne-hot sex. Mix together and you’ve got the gumbo that is… The Big Easy. A tale of sexual serendipity.
    4. Veronica: Arise, Fair Sun — A Romeo and his Juliet find that sometimes a nice summer affair is just what the doctor ordered. A tale of sexual tension wonderfully resolved.
    5. Sneak preview: A Joy Forever — A peek at K.D. West’s novel of sexual initiation and sexual healing.